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Minimize & Organize: 5 Swaps for Your Family Room


We could all use a little more calm in our lives and the growing popularity of practicing the minimalist lifestyle is evidence of that.


One area of your home that always seems to house chaos is the family room. It’s where the kids play, everyone relaxes, and family conversation takes place. Since all of these moments together are vital to nurturing strong family relationships, it would be a good thing to have them take place in an area that is clean, is comfortable, and makes everyone feel good.


It may sound like a slightly impossible task, but it’s not! Just swap out the following five items for better solutions and you are well on your way to living more organized and relaxed in your own home.


1- Swap Toy Boxes for a Statement Piece

It’s inherent, kids come with clutter. Before you know it, their toys can quickly take over your house.


If you want to calm the clutter, you need to ditch the plastic bins, open compartments, and piles of pieces. Instead, invest in one or two lovely statement pieces that can double as toy storage. Think along the lines of a tufted storage ottoman, an antique trunk, or a distressed dresser.

2- Swap Your Dust Collectors for Negative Space

Fact: You don’t have time to dust. Sure, all those little tchotchkes and statuettes look so lovely at the gift shop...but it’s best to just leave them there. Otherwise, they’ll just sit on your shelves and do nothing but remind you that you are a terrible housekeeper.


Instead, embrace the negative space and breathe a sigh of relief along with the dust-free air.

3- Swap Media Items for Digital Technology

Cds and dvds are relics of the past. Not only do you not need them anymore, but clearing your shelves of them means you can now fill up more shelves with negative space. What? It’s not like your life isn’t full enough.


If you don’t know how to transfer your movies and music into digital files or how to sign up for an online movie and music subscription service, just ask your six-year-old for help.

4- Swap Your Messy Cords for Wired Walls

Tangled cords and overloaded outlets are not only unsightly but unsafe as well. You will be surprised how serene your floors and walls appear when all the cables are out of sight.


Hide your speaker, tv, and other audiovisual wires inside your walls for the most streamlined look. If you don’t know how to install them yourself, hire a professional (not your six-year-old).

5- Swap Corded Upright Vacuum for a Built-In Central Vac

Speaking of cords, many mom nightmares contain graphic images of being strangled to death by her own vacuum cord. Give yourself a more peaceful night’s rest by throwing that old appliance out!


A built-in central vacuum requires no heavy lugging, no dirt spewing, and, most importantly, no strangulation. Now you can sleep peacefully knowing you will live to vacuum another day.

For more information on how to swap your corded upright vacuum for a built-in central vac, contact us today!

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