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4 Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Pet Owners

4 Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

There is no bond like that between a pet and its owner. But the responsibility that comes with pet ownership means cleaning up after some not-so-pleasant messes, especially with young animals still in training. While you are establishing boundaries and designated areas for your pet to sleep and relieve itself, use these 4 tips to make cleaning and training go a little bit smoother.

  1. Cleaning pet stains


On carpet or upholstery, soak up the moisture from the fresh stain as much as you can. Use paper towels and newspaper to blot the area until no more moisture is absorbed. Then rinse the area with water thoroughly, again blotting until dry.


You may still need to rent a carpet cleaner or hire a carpet cleaning company that specializes in pet stains to ensure the area is cleaned thoroughly. Grocery stores often have carpet cleaners available for rent. Even a handheld spray bottle of carpet cleaner with deodorizing ingredients applied after an accident can be effective.


Hardwood and cement may be trickier to clean. It may become permanently discolored or disfigured, and may need to be replaced. Some enzymatic cleaners may be effective, however. In general, ammonia and vinegar-based products should be avoided as they may actually encourage your pet to urinate in that area.


  1. Eliminating Odors and Hair


Unfortunately, just because you can’t see the stain doesn’t mean it will go unnoticed. The smell can linger even if the stain isn’t visible anymore. Using an enzymatic cleaner can get rid of the smell-causing bacteria as the enzymes break them down until they are gone. It’s important to avoid steam cleaners as these can set the stain even more and the odor will linger.


Long-haired dogs and cats can shed a significant amount of hair, especially as the weather warms up. Even short-haired animals can shed a good amount of hair, so hair removal is definitely a skill you want to develop. A tip for removing hair from furniture is using duct tape. It works like a lint roller but is much stronger. Simply wrap duct tape around a paint roller and roll over the furniture, replacing the tape as it gets dirty.


  1. Clever trick that helps keep animals off furniture

Prevention is the best defense, so keeping your pets off of the furniture and surfaces you’d like to keep clean can save you a lot of time and money. Training your dog, cat, or other animal to stay in designated areas is essential. To keep them off the furniture, try lining the couch with aluminum foil. Cats especially hate the sound and feeling of the crumpling foil and will immediately retreat. Use the poky underside of plastic carpet protectors face up on the couch to keep your dogs and cats from jumping up. Meanwhile, encourage them to lay in a particular area. Over time, the discomfort of your couch and the familiarity and comfort of their regular laying place will establish their preference and you won’t have to worry anymore.


  1. Keeping the dog clean to help reduce smells

Staying on top of shedding can eliminate smells before they become a problem. Easily the best way to brush your dog and keep unwanted shedding at bay is to use the pet grooming attachment on your central vac. This attachment combines two steps into one as the hair is immediately vacuumed and contained with each stroke you make. Then you don’t have to worry about stray clumps of hair finding their way around the house and under furniture, easily missed but still easily detected by those with sensitive noses or allergies.


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