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If you have a central vacuum system in your home, you know how easy and amazing it is to use when it’s time to clean. You can clean any corner of any room in your house without ever having to lug around a heavy vacuum tank. All you have to do is pull out or plug in a hose from the nearest vacuum outlet and get to work. You also get the suction and cleaning capacity of the best vacuums on the market—but without all the noise since the power unit is typically located down in the basement or out in the garage.


If you’ve ever hated lugging a heavy vacuum up a flight of stairs, you’ll understand why vacuuming has long been an odious household chore. The solution has actually been around for decades: Just buy a central vacuum!

When it comes to keeping your home clean, you start where? With the dusting, the endless stack of dishes, general wiping down of surfaces, the bathroom, and vacuuming your precious floors. Vacuuming is essential to keeping your home clean. At CentralVac, we’re here to make you a master of the carpet vacuum.

When it comes to cleaning your home, you want to keep it clean from top to bottom. One area that seems to gather the most of that unwanted dirt, dust, hair, and crumbs is your carpet. A powerful central vacuum from CentralVac is a great way to keep your carpet feeling softer than that Minky blanket your baby has.

People spend a lot of time in their cars, and the dirt and debris can pile up inside, particularly when there are children and pets involved. Regular vacuuming will help keep the surface grime in check, but central vacuum attachments from Central Vac will help you achieve a deep clean. Hang a “new car smell” tree from your rearview mirror, and you will feel like you just drove off the lot!

You need the right tools for a job, and that goes for vacuuming your home as well. A central vacuum system provides ease of use room-by-room and gives you a more thorough clean by whisking the dirt away to a central location. To really clean every nook and cranny, try our central vacuum attachments.

Learning how to install a central vacuum in your home might sound daunting, but it is actually a straightforward process. A central vacuum can be installed in an existing home, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a system that connects every room in your home to a quiet, efficient vacuum. With a little planning, detailed instructions on product packaging, and all the advice you need from Central Vac, you will have your system installed and operational in no time.

You may have heard of a central vacuum, or central vac as they are commonly called. You’ve also likely heard that central vacuums are great, but there are many people who don’t quite know what they are. So, what is a central vacuum? There are a few misconceptions about central vacs, but once you know more about them, you will probably want to know how to get one for your home!

Most people think there’s no wrong way to vacuum your home. And while that’s technically true, there are certainly ways to make it easier. There are a few tricks you can add to your cleaning repertoire to make vacuuming easier and more effective.

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