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  • What is a Central Vacuum?
    What is a Central Vacuum?

    You may have heard of a central vacuum, or central vac as they are commonly called. You’ve also likely heard that central vacuums are great, but there are many people who don’t quite know what they are. So, what is a central vacuum? There are a few misconceptions about central vacs, but once you know more about them, you will probably want to know how to get one for your home!

  • Ways to Make Vacuuming Your Home Easier
    Ways to Make Vacuuming Your Home Easier

    Most people think there’s no wrong way to vacuum your home. And while that’s technically true, there are certainly ways to make it easier. There are a few tricks you can add to your cleaning repertoire to make vacuuming easier and more effective.

  • Top 3 Dirtiest Things in Your Home
    Top 3 Dirtiest Things in Your Home

    Keeping your home clean is something you work on every day—dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, etc…. But did you know that there are things in your home that are filled with harmful bacteria? Gross, right? Here are three really dirty things in your home you need to clean more often:


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